Belgium Needs Francken Sense More Than Footie Gold!

Being here in Jakarta, it was not practical to stay up hyper-late to watch the World Cup Semi-Final.


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Hard luck, Belgium!

No matter the result, it’s nice to see that country in the news for something wholesome, after the detention of a pair ‘of Iranian origin’ on suspicion of planning a terror attack in Paris, the police having taken possession of what the report scarily calls ‘500g of ‘Mother of Satan’ explosives!’ 

The case will proceed, probably at far too leisurely a pace, but if they are convicted, will ‘Amir S., born 1980, and his wife Nasimeh N., born 1984,’be stripped of the Belgian citizenship they currently enjoy?

Obviously that should happen.

But will it?

Belgium seems to be outstandingly flaccid when it comes to standing up to undesirable aliens.

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But there are exceptions!

We’ve noticed this guy before, one of the few bright sparks on the Belgian political scene.

His name’s Theo Francken,


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…and here he is again!

“Aren’t there any safe ports in North Africa? Those who come to Europe should lose their right to asylum!”

Europe, he added, should only accept refugees who ask for asylum via U.N. camps in conflict zones and send back those who arrive on its shores by boat.


“This illegal migration must stop…”

Interestingly, Politico tells us that Francken consistently polls as the most popular politician in Flanders

Belgian minister: Europe needs Australian approach to migration

Flanders is of course only just over half of Belgium, the Flemish-speaking part, and the French-speaking part, Wallonia, is less sound.

As for the capital, it is doubly infested, with alien areas like Molenbeek…

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…and the unpleasant horde of self-serving EUSSR bureaucrats who have colonised much of the city.


Just random thoughts, this pre-dawn, but it does make me wonder if the Euro-Commissars’ resolute determination to have no truck with those rebellious Catalans might be due to a risky precedent being set.

Flemish nationalism has long been a feature of Belgian politics.

Imagine if a Francken-led Flanders broke away, a sensible state with a sturdy leader, strategically situated between France and Germany, showing by example how to handle ‘migrant’ problems.


What a nightmare that’d be for the Open Borders Alliance!