The Sheer Arrogance Of Spain's Crimmigrants!

Brazen arrogance!

That’s the only way to describe the crimmigrants in Barcelona, who seem to think their lawless incursions into Spain should be rewarded rather than deplored.



While it’s reassuring to read that for these illegal migrants in Spain, Europe has proved to be more of a purgatory than the paradise they imagined……..

…especially since the same report reminds us that Spain ‘has the second highest jobless rate in the eurozone,’ you’d think the last thing any Spanish government would be doing is importing aliens…

Aquarius Illegals Heading North – A New Amber’s Army? 

…who have no right to be in that eurozone, or any European country.


“I feel like a baby, I cannot do anything, I cannot decide my future….”says Kashamba, 32, irritated.

So the uppity swine – who arrived last year on a tourist visa, from Uganda, which of course means his right to hang about was subject to a time limit  – is IRRITATED?



Those who are actually entitled to be irritated are the Spaniards, if they’re aware that this crimmigrant, and thirty more of his kind, are now in illegal possession of an empty building in central Barcelona which they have occupied since mid-April in protest at Spain’s restrictive laws on residency.


How dare they protest against any law of any country except their own, which Spain is not?

If these illegals don’t like abiding by Spanish laws, there’s a very simple solution to ease their ‘irritation.’




“I feel cheated,” whines the uppity, although he was never offered any kind of deal, never invited to Spain!

But Kashamba’s not the only illegal quoted.

There’s also Lamine Sarr, who boasts that “I’ve been here 12 years” and is arguably even more arrogant than Kashamba.

My life is here, I’m not going to leave but they don’t allow me to live here normally,” says this 35-year-old Senegalese man.

‘Not going to leave?’

This insolent slug needs a lesson in both the law and in manners. He’s in somebody else’s country. It’s up to that country’s citizens to decide if, hopefully when, he’s going to leave.

He’s been breaking Spanish laws by street-trading – if caught, they face a fine and could lose their goods and money –  so easy solution?

Skip the fines and sort the problem. If he gets picked up by the cops, put him behind bars until he agrees to board a plane back to Senegal, where he belongs.



Or better still, just put the ratbag in manacles and load him onto the plane, ranting and raving – though a gag would be nice for the sake of civilised passengers!

“We’re chased like criminals,” he says.

Really? How surprising.