Harassment Is Now The Left’s ‘New Normal!’

I see the American Far Left, again, is making itself prominent in the related fields of coarse incivility and intolerance.

Some ruffianly sow noticed Steve Bannon browsing in a Virginia bookstore…


Steve Bannon by Gage Skidmore.jpg


….and without any provocation on his part, accosted the famous patriot, calling him a ‘piece of trash.’

Since most people frequenting such stores are, unsurprisingly, quiet, since they like to read, the proprietor in turn accosted Slag-Dog and ordered her out.

When she showed signs of recalcitrance, he did not lay a finger on her, possibly for fear of contagion, but said he’d call the cops.

The creepy vixen promptly scuttled off.

What next?


Hasil gambar untuk mob rule


An anti-social media mob started a-shrilling for a boycott of the man’s store.

Intolerance exalted!

The proprietor’ll not be too worried if his annual sales of Das Kapital…


…or Thoughts of Chairman Mao plummet from a dozen to 3 or 4 or less. Any financial loss may well be off-set by savings in the amount of disinfectant required to keep the premises clean.

But knowing what liberals are like, I hope criminality does not surface.

Muzzle Mad Max – She’s A Dangerous, Deranged Ranter! 

Gambar terkait


In the Mad Max morass that is the mind-set of the Left, who knows, these days?