Nice To See ICE Doing Its Job Properly!

In the era of Obamanation…



….there were thousands, millions of crimmigrants strutting around America, confident they had their Big Buddy in the White House, eager not enforce the law against the lawless.

Now we learn from this weekend’s Guardian that their strutting has to stop, because ICE is doing its job properly….


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…and effectively!

Or, as the leftist newspaper’s headline screams. the agency is…

‘…on a mission to destroy families’

What hogwash!

The article is written by a hackette named Sabrina Siddiqui, whose hysterical hyperbole impelled me to check her out, but although she went to school in the USA, nowhere could I find out where she was born.



However, I did discover that two years ago she was awarded the accolade of ‘Brown Girl of the Month.’;

That’s a tad racist, is it not?  Would there not be a bit of an outcry if any media announced their award of a ‘White Girl of the Month? 

But she IS American, right?

Not according to another gushing hackette in another magazine.

Contrary to popular belief, Sabrina Siddiqui isn’t Indian, but in fact, a global Muslim with Italian roots, says her cheer-leader, about ‘this fearless Muslim journalist’    .

Pretty sad, to be described by a fan in such damaging language. Whatever one’s creed, who’d want to be portrayed not as Indian, American, British, Italian, or Pakistani, but as a ‘GLOBAL?’

YUK! Whose flag does a ‘Global’ salute?

But one of those pro-Sabrina mags also tells us that it’s not easy to learn much about her, so I leave that to anybody keen enough to research.

Back to ICE, of which I have become increasingly fond, since the Media Democrats and their puppet judiciary began attacking the agency.



All this ridiculous hoo-ha aimed at putting young children back under the care and control of plainly unfit parents – what kind of mom or pop drags a little one along on a criminal enterprise?

Illegal Aliens Fatally Separate American Parents and Children

No concern at all for decent families?

The Guardian hackette  – let’s call her SS – has something of a knack for presenting criminals as everyday folks in the everyday world.

Cr-p like this about 

...a delivery man at the Nonna Delia’s pizzeria in Queens, New York.The father of two pulled up with a bulk lunch order at Fort Hamilton, an army base about a half hour from the restaurant. But unlike previous deliveries , this time Villavicencio, an undocumented immigrant WAS ARRESTED!

To which we can only say...

So there’s still hope of that crimmigrant’s deportation

SS follows this up with a lament that his case is far from unique.

So we read on aboutan elderly couplewho may have thought they were immune from American law because NYC’s far-left mayor had issued them with city ID cards.  

But they got caught too.

SS doesn’t care at all that these illegals have been getting away with their illegality for years.

Instead she gladdens the hearts of patriotic Guardian readers (a small band, admittedly!) by adding that The Donald’s crackdown on illegal immigration, has instilled fresh fears of deportation in communities across America as they go about their daily lives.

These pinkos are unreal. Every time an illegal emerges from its lair, it should face fresh fear – every day they stay in the USA is an affront to the country they gate-crashed.

But SS?

She clearly thinks the same as the ‘advocacy groups‘( aka agitprop leftists)  whom she quotes ranting about ‘the sharp rise in noncriminal arrests.’

Get real, subversives.


She quotes from some pinko bint named Lynn Tramonte, a director at the progressive immigration advocacy group America’s Voice.



‘She Doesn’t Look Like MY Daughters’ – The Silence of theSwine Obama! ..

What’s progressive about trying to drag America back to the bad old days of Obama’s callous indifference to the victims of crimmigration?


It’s from Leftist Lynn that SS acquired those imbecilic headline words.

“Under President Trump, Immigration and Customs Enforcement has become a political police force with a singular mission: to destroy American families with immigrant members, no matter the cost to children.”



But Obama lifted not a finger against his comrades sheltering undesirable aliens in those ‘sanctuary cities, did he?

Again, she quotes ICE, which sets the record straight.

Ice has rebuked the characterization that low priority arrests are “noncriminal”, citing the act of illegal entry to the US or overstaying a visa as violations of the law.

SS gives us tidings of great joy, namely, the arrest of undocumented immigrants in so-called sensitive locations, including places of worship, schools, hospitals and courthouses.


Since when does the writ of law not run to such ‘sensitive locations?’

If a rapist or murderer ran into a house of worship, would cops just stand outside and have a cigarette? If a bank-robber hid in a hospital? A child-molester was seen prowling in a school-yard?



SS gives various examples, which may, as her melodramatic quote from yet another pro-crimmigrant agitator puts it, have had “a very significant chilling impact” on immigrant communities.”

But decent patriots will cheer. and again, it looks like POTUS deserves our accolades.


I say ‘our’ because though I’m not American, I admire any government in any country which puts its own people first!

The agitator quoted on these ‘sensitive locations whines that “under this administration, there isn’t the same recognition or protection of these spaces.”

There should be NO safe spaces for law-breakers.