Red Nazis Attack London Demo – Outlaw Antifa!

When will Britain ban Antifa?

They are a violent terrorist gang who have no place in any democratic society,

Apart from that, they are cowards, terrorists terrified to show their faces during their depredations, as you can see…


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…in this photo, a clean middle-aged British man, outnumbered but courageously defending himself against masked scum.

The mayhem in London this weekend was not inevitable.

The police had laid down ground rules, and the patriot demonstrators were geographically separated from the rabid reds.

So everybody had a place to say their piece.

UNTIL the leftist vermin in the photo – a small sample of a similarly savage mob – came after the patriots, not to debate or peacefully heckle, but rather like salivating rabid beasts, dead set on suppressing free speech by vicious thuggery.


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Banning Antifa is the only rational solution!