The Brussels Foe – Trump Tells Truth That T.May Hides!

So all the liberal media is up in arms against The Donald!

What’s new, you say.

Cretinous left-liberal commentators have insulted and abused the man because of his liking for burgers, how he holds a glass and even, ludicrously, the size and/or shape of his hands.

Moronic, malevolent media indeed!

But British people, the patriot majority, not the Remainiac ratbag minority, must be cheering his recognition of a reality that their own pathetic Prime Minister won’t..

 ‘ The European Union is a “foe” of the United States because of “what they do to us in trade.” 


President Trump is of course 100% correct, except that it’s not just trade.

Brussels is no mere trading bloc, as I’m sure the Luxembourg Lush, aka Liar Juncker, and Turncoat Tusk too would admit.



Their ‘European Project’ is a supranational political grand design to force more than two dozen sovereign nations into an EUSSR. 

They already have their own foreign policy,supervised by an unrepentant communist, Red Fed Mogherini.


Iran’s Islamist Rape Regime – ‘Respected’ By EU’s Mogherini! 

It’s a policy that takes pride in collaboration with heinous tyrannies, Iran and Cuba, with no interest in the rights of the peoples of those countries – Jakarta Globe Hands Unrepentant Red A Megaphone! – who have no say in their governance. Brussels paradoxically displays an insatiable appetite for meddling in other countries’ internal affairs.

Bravo Japan! But Will E.U. Now Try To Save Mass-Murder Mob? 

So yes, the European Union is a foe, not just of America, nor just of the non-European peoples it disdains all around the world.

It is also a formidable and ferocious foe of the United Kingdom, ravenous to rip the UK off to the tune of billions, the indefensible Brexit bill, and to undermine its constitutional integrity, with the help of Britain’s ancestral enemy in Dublin.

Brussels is doing all in its power to humiliate Britain.


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At least Neville Chamberlain didn’t kiss Hitler in 1938


And with a Judas Kiss, May tries to cover up that plain truth.