Make Sure Uber Fires That Rude Red!

“We aim to provide a reliable service to everyone who uses Uber…”

Gambar terkait


“….We have reached out to both the rider and the driver, and continue to look into this,” a spokeswoman for the ride-sharing and food-delivery company wrote in a statement.

‘Reaching out’ is simply not good enough, unless Uber is going to grab the obnoxious leftist bigot and shake him till his handful of brain cells rattle.


Gambar terkait

The rude red rat refused to do his job, leaving some young Americans stranded on a Washington DC sidewalk for no reason other than that they were wearing Trump MAGA hats.



Hardly the first news of asinine anti-Trump discrimination!

Pluck The Red Hen – Call Discrimination Out! 

But the trouble is, these reports of anti-social pinko creeps get good coverage to start with, but then there’s no follow-up, to make sure this swine is sacked and shamed…

…which, given the Uber CEO’s own leftist allegiance –Uber CEO: Trump administration is ruining the American Dream–  is hardly a foregone conclusion.

I am therefore urging American readers – and why not all readers in all countries where Uber operates? – to make their views known to Uber…


What is the best way to contact Uber CEO? –

…and ask for an assurance that the far-left oaf is out of a job and will never be re-hired.

The victim of his bigotry asks for no less, viz. an apology and for the driver to be banned from using the Uber app to pick up passengers.