Erdolf Biker Fans Face German Ban – Howzabout The Rest?

You may remember we wrote about a very unpleasant gang composed of ‘German’ Turks a few months ago.

Turk BikerGang – In Germany? The Gastarbeiter Legacy! 

I put the inverted commas around the word German because if they are Turks they cannot be German, except in terms of document technicalities.

Most of the Turks living in Gemany who voted in the recent Turkish election chose the Islamist fanatic as their candidate…


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….and by doing so made it clear they should not be in Germany at all.

Now, evidently due to Herr Seehofer’s role as Interior Minister, some sense of reality is seeping into the authorities there, because I read last week that the said sectarian gang is now BANNED!

According to the North Rhine-Westphalian Ministry of the Interior, the  group has connections with the Turkish governing party AKP and with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.


Germany Outlaws Biker Gang With Alleged Links to Turkish Leadership

Not just connections.


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Metin Kulunk, a Turkish parliamentarian and an ally to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, gave Osmanen Germania money to buy weapons, go after Kurds, and target Erdogan’s critics, including a German comedian, who mocked Erdogan with a poem, and organize rallies.

OK, good to see those bikers outlawed, but what about the other hostile tentacles that have slithered out of the Turk diaspora…

UN Stokes Islamophobia – Ultimatum to Germany – ‘Silence Free Speech!’ 

…like the Enemy Within agitators who seek to stomp free speech?

And of course the question must be raised, how come Erdogan’s still getting those billions via the diabolic deal on crimmigrants, enormous sums handed over to Ankara just so they’ll do their job and control their own borders?

FAR better for Western countries to get tough – quarantine the Turkish coast – stop vessels of any size or shape getting in or out of his harbours, until Erdolf comes to heel.

He won’t, I hear you say?

THEN escalate – start to arm the Kurds, who were GOOD allies during the war on the ISIS rape-gang’s caliphate.