Solidarity With South Koreans – ‘Fake Refugees Get Out!’

“They’re not only a threat to our people, but they’re also a threat to our future generation, because of our youth unemployment issue,” Lee said. “They’re not even real refugees. If they were women or babies, I would believe them, but they’re able-bodied men. They’re fake, like fake news.”   ‘Fake Refugees Get Out.’ How South Koreans Are Channeling Trump

And this Korean patriot lady is ABSOLUTELY right.

The mob of Yemenis who have swarmed into South Korea were duplicitous from the get-go.

They came in as visa-free entry tourists, who flooded into Jeju because of the tourist destination’s policy of allowing foreigners visa-free entry for as many as 30 days. Many arrived from Malaysia, after the expiration of a 90-day no-visa stay there. 



No wonder the government belatedly removed Yemen from the list of countries allowed visa-free entry.

Take a look at map of the world, or just one of Asia, if you have one handy, and judge the distance between the two peninsulas, Arabia and Korea…



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…and you’ll see why HALF A MILLION Koreans have signed her petition.

Sift through the report, which, although clearly written by a bleeding heart liberal…



…reveals sinister similarities in the situation there with that in Europe.

UN sticky-beaks take partisan sides in the Korean controversy…

“The Trump administration’s anti-immigration policy has been used as an excuse for many conservative factions opposing those seeking asylum in Korea,” said Shin He-inn, senior public information associate at UNHCR-Korea. 

…which makes us wonder if that UN apparatchik must have taken his song-sheet from the uppity UNHCR jerks in Europe, whom we have quoted before –


...calling on political parties to set a more inclusive tone!

How dare any supranational bureaucrat tell Austrian or any country’s parties or citizens how to discuss internal political affairs?

And again, what the hell are American and Canadian activists doing in Korea?

NGO Imports Murderous Savages – Impound Aquarius

Same as those arrogant Aquarius agitators, port-to-port hopping, with crimmigrant cargos, doing country-shopping?