Toronto’s ISIS Gunman? Maybe! What Does Turdo Think?

Now, with much of Canada’s dodgy media doing its rotten best to muddy the waters…


Media spin on Danforth shooting is troubling…we have a debate in Canada in the wake of the terrible Toronto shooting.


Toronto police on Wednesday denied claims by ISIS that it was responsible for the weekend shooting that killed two people…

Time will tell.

Still so much we don’t know in Toronto shooting

Unfortunately, Toronto Police have a poor record in tackling sectarian fanatics.

  Petition For Police Action On Toronto Liar! 

This has led people to speculate if then they may be taking their cue from Pretty Boy…


Turdistanada Nixes Condemnation Of Barbaric Practices! 

…whose regime was quick to condemn any statutory declaration of alien evil.

But what does Justine Turdo really, truly think when such bestial atrocities afflict Canadians?

To figure that out, we need to look at what the smarmy groper said about the Boston Marathon Bombers.


Canada’s Enemy Within – Will Turdeau “Have To Look at The Root Causes?” 

A sure sign of decadence, that obsession with finding excuses for fiends, when we all know that jihadists are motivated by satanic hatred.

Or if it’s not, in Turdo’s case, decadence, then we need to look deeper into the ‘root causes’ of his reluctance to declare war on jihadism.

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