So CNN Thinks Trump Should Not Defend The Flag?

Just up at 10.30am, as a visitor due at 11am, and so I flipped on the TV to catch the news.

Alas, it was for some reason, tuned to CNN…

…and it seems there’s been a resurgence of the debate between decent Americans  and the disloyal scumbags who diss the National Anthem.


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SOB Goodell Reckons Brazen Disloyalty Isn’t ‘Divisive?’ 

We have looked at this before, and compared it to a similar scumbag outbreak in the UK…

Never Mind Nasty Kneelers – Meet UK’s Anti-Poppy Ass! 

…but what got my attention today was the ridiculous observation made by Don Riddell, the far-left network’s sport-segment host, viz. that President Trump just…

‘can’t keep his nose out of it.’

Apart from the fact that any and every citizen of the USA has both the right and the duty to have his or her say on lousy louts who disrespect The Star-Spangled Banner…

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….it surely goes without saying that the same right and duty accrues perhaps most of all to the elected leader of the nation whose anthem is insulted.


All praise, BTW, to Mr. Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys, whose vigorous assertion that he has no use for any players who flaunt their contempt for their country, has sparked the renewal of controversy.