No Surrender, Peter Robinson! Ulster WILL Fight!

By any standard, the shameful outburst from Peter Robinson,  the former leader of Ulster’s Democratic Unionist Party, is an affront.

Speaking about a ‘United Ireland‘ – a quaint phenomenon, known only during unifying British rule… –

Mr Robinson said that he believed Northern Ireland should prepare for the possibility, though he does not think Northern Ireland will want to leave.


Let’s get one thing straight.

The British people who live in Ulster are a nation, just as the Scots and Welsh who live on the mainland are nations. Even Theresa the Appeaser has had to acknowledge that truth.

As a nation, Ulster has the right to choose its own destiny.

If a disloyal minority, a fifth column of a hostile, expansionist neighbour, out-breeds the Ulsterfolk,,,




….to the extent that they can outvote the Ulsterfolk, then there should be no nonsense about accepting such a vote as the death-knell of national identity.

Hence our indignant response, ‘No Surrender,’ to the outlandish assertion by Robinson that he would let Ulster go quietly into the night were a border poll to result in a win by the Enemy Within.

Even old Lord Empey of the UUP, who’s a mild-mannered man, was moved to rebuke Robinson, saying that the DUP founding member’s comments would be “music to the ears of Irish republicans” and the Irish Government.

But Robinson’s rant was worse than the words you read at the top of our page.

Mr Robinson said that he believed unionists would accept the results of a border poll that led to a united Ireland.

“As soon as that decision is taken every democrat will have to accept that decision.” 

Under NO circumstances should any patriotic Ulsterman or Ulsterwoman ‘accept’ such a baneful result.



Ulster should, and in my opinion would, FIGHT. And Ulster would be right.

It would certainly be sensible to do what should have been done in 1925…

…and re-draw the border, to reduce the numbers of the aggressive neighbouring republic’s Fifth Column.

It would be better still to arrange for the removal of large numbers of such undesirables from Belfast and other non-border areas.

Such people make it abundantly clear that they wish to live under Eire’s Tricolour.

Let them, via a removal truck.

When Robinson warned his audience to ‘prepare’ for the prospect of a ‘United Ireland,’ what he meant was that Ulster should submit.

But there are other steps required to prepare for such a disastrous eventuality.

Just as those Americans, in the news this past weekend, are fighting a nightmare wildfire, rather than just allowing it to consume them…



….so too should our brave kin in Ulster prepare against any such menace to their heritage of freedom.

That means getting organised, and getting ahold of whatever they can lay hands on, to equip themselves with the means of resistance…

Hasil gambar untuk automatic weapons

…so that, in the event of a border poll going the wrong way, and in the event that London turned its back on the most loyal subjects of HM The Queen, those abandoned could defend their right to self-determination, by taking out any enemy personnel sent from Eire…


Hasil gambar untuk ulster flags


….with the malign intention of replacing Ulster’s proud bright colours with the hateful flag that flies over Dail Eireann.