Wicked Wick, A Nightmare Town ‘Unwilling To Change!”

Talk about wasting police time!

Two years ago, some brain-dead leftists went whining to the cops in the Scottish Highlands because some locals dressed up as golliwogs at a town fair.


Since there’s nothing obviously illegal about wearing any sort of costumes at a fair, these uptights were just being a public nuisance, much like the Australian dolts who organised that petition in Sydney.

But the police unfortunately didn’t, as far as we know, charge the pinko killjoys with the appropriate offence, which is that mentioned above  – wasting police time.

Such a pity.

Had action been taken against the mischief-making mewlers then, we might have been spared the latest outburst of hysterical ‘OUTRAGE’ over another harmless bit of fun in Wick….


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…which is a small but not unattractive royal burgh in Caithness.

It wouldn’t be quite so offensive if the nasty shrew stirring up ill-feeling wasn’t shrilling from behind a mask of anonymity. So we shall refer to her as Nutjob Nellie…


…a wretched wench, who is clearly a seriously disturbed individual!

Yet it’s also disturbing that, in the absence of ANYONE other than the shrew being ‘outraged,’ the newspaper still turns her wittering into a ‘news’ story, and astonishingly treats this as a serious issue.

There is NO evidence of anyone except Nutjob Nellie screaming ‘Outrage!’

If there had been more than one retard  fretting, a protest march, maybe, it would be news, though probably in that protesters would have had to be imported from outside Wick.

But let’s savour the silly season tripe, in which the journo tries desperately to make the 2015 episode as something out of a cops and robbers yarn.



Get this for sheer guff.

Police launched a probe into the incident after a member of the public raised the alarm over ‘inappropriate behaviour’ at the gala in 2015.’

‘Launched a probe?’ Into kids in fancy dress?

‘Raised the alarm?’ Over kids in fancy dress?

‘Inappropriate behaviour?’ At least the journo puts inverted commas around that silly little non-offence.

Why not highlight the hate-speech used by the repulsive nagging bat who calls the honest townsfolk ‘ignorant?

Listen to Nutjob Nellie’s psychotic babbling.

“The last time people did black up people didn’t see it as an issue. They are so ignorant they have just done the same thing again.”

If you disagree with her neuroses, you’re ‘IGNORANT?’

Sorry, Nutjob Nellie, people who still retain a wee bit of tolerance for other people’s tastes and humour are NOT ‘ignorant.’

It’s YOU that’s ‘ignorant,’ of the old notion of live and let live,

“It has shocked me that it’s happened again….

Image result for shock

“I think Wick is so lacking in diversity, so there is no one to call them out on it.

Aah, now we are probing the roots of her neuroses!


  • It’s wicked Wick’s fault, for not having been sufficiently multlculted!

Lucky townsfolk!

“They seem really unwilling to change, they just defend it by saying it’s just a bit of fun, but it’s a horrible tradition..”


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