BBC’s Pro-Queer Hack Now Shrills Against Gitmo!

I had just got back from my shopping trip on Friday and switched on BBC, only to hear that notorious leftist hack of theirs, Will Grant…


Will Grant on Muck Rack

Pro-homo propagandist Grant


… who was telling us, objectively, of course, impartially, of course, back then that Cuba has changed its stance after years of a ‘SHAMEFUL’ record on ‘gay rights.’



….so he was identified a week or two ago, for his inability to distinguish between his own sicko bias and the news he’s paid to present.

This time he was denouncing Guantanamo as ‘infamous!’

To whom is Gitmo infamous?

To the Reds who rule Cuba without any democratic consent, no doubt. To ‘rights’ rodents, whining on behalf of jihadist undesirables, absolutely.

But to normal patriotic Americans, and Brits and millions of others, HARDLY!

Weaselly Will duly interviewed local people who spoke their minds freely.

‘We would love to have the Americans spend their leave with us like they did before the Castro dictatorship.”

‘I wish we had the same freedoms as Americans enjoy.”

“Cubans, honest Cubans, not the Communists, admire America.”


Were any Cuban to speak his or her mind thus and dissent from the despotic party line…BIG TROUBLE! Instead WW went along and asked the ‘local committee’ what they thought.

No need to repeat the party line, which was toed vigorously.

The BBC needs to fire this biased hack.

His left-liberal prejudices must be an embarrassment even to his cultural marxist mandarins of Broadcasting House.