Red Nazis Amok Again, In Portland, USA

Another bit of news-watching allows me to report on the Antifa filth in America.



France24 reports that in the city of Portland the police had to be present in large numbers because of two demos, one right,one left.

They did not report that the cops had to be there because the left mob included large numbers of the red Antifa vermin, who were not interested in presenting any message but only in denying freedom of speech and assembly to the patriots.


Do not take my word for it.

If you wade into the swamp of hate which passes for far-left media, you can see them boasting of their intent.

Under the name “Pop Mob,” which stands for “popular mobilization,” the group is looking to bring out hundreds, if not thousands, of community residents to completely overwhelm Patriot Prayer on the day of their march…

 You can read the entire page if you care to but a health warning is appropriate.

It drips with hate in much the same sort of demented way that the Manson gang must have, an all-out declaration of war on free speech, no holds barred.

Only one rational response.