“Can’t Distinguish Between Good And Bad People?”

That sums up the essential evil of liberalism.

That was a ‘Conservative’ MP who used those words in my headline, and to be as fair as possible…


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…I offer Andrew Mitchell’s full quote, commenting on how anguished he is over the prospect of the ISIS pigs being sent to an American abattoir.

“On human rights we cannot distinguish between good and bad people. Human rights are indivisible and belong to everybody.”


Mitchell is something of a jelly-fish, definitely short of back-bone on issues of moral principle, according to his entry in wikipedia.

Originally having taken an admirable stance on local government advancement of the gaystapo threat, voting for the sorely-missed Section 28, he suddenly decided that perversion no longer merited abhorrence and voted to scrap it!

But as an example of liberalism, masquerading as ‘conservatism’ or not, his self-confessed refusal (inability?) to distinguish between good and evil is a wake-up call – if yet another such is needed – for those of us who despise liberalism.

Of COURSE we should all be ready to recognise that ‘human rights’ is a fantastical concept.

Constitutional rights, sure, are real, and vary from country to country, and the fact that they DO vary shows that any global definition of ‘rights’ is an arrant nonsense.

Take the ‘European Court’ (far away, please!) of ‘Human Rights.’



Those ratbags make up new rights as they go along, making a mockery of the statesmen who signed the European Convention on Human Rights all those years ago.

We have seen this in a UK context, when the ridiculous ECHR sought to bully Britain into knuckling under to uppity criminals’ demands …

Scottish prisoners are already in line for millions of pounds in compensation after winning their “slopping out” human rights case. … Scotland’s top judge, Lord Hamilton, ruled earlier this month that the trio should be allowed to sue for compensation under the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR).Sep 26, 2011  

And again, on that same clown court, when it once more took up the cause of criminals…  Prisoners must be given right to vote, European court rules

And perhaps most glaringly (‘perhaps,’ because so many of their rulings are glaringly crack-brained!) in the case of school discipline, when that gutless ass John Major, having voted to allow teachers faced with barbarous brats to keep corporal punishment in their arsenal…



…all at once, when the robed rogues of Strasbourg told him to un-think any democratic thoughts on the subject, caved in immediately and led his facile Commons flunkeys in a massive U-turn.

Anyone reading this week’s news will not be surprised at his hypocrisy.

He’s now saying ANOTHER Brexit referendum is justifiable, DESPITE his refusal, during the Maastricht Treaty debate when he was PM, to allow any “people’s vote”then.

He knew best, better than the nation he betrayed. at least.


Sir John Major denied the public a referendum on Maastricht

As you will see from that link, I’m not the only one to have noted his selective approach to national self-determination.

“We Can’t Distinguish Between Good And Bad People?”


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Bin Laden, Mengele, Manson, the Communist quislings who served as Soviet satraps in Eastern Europe…

We KNOW they were evil. They deserved to die, although not all of them did so fast enough.

Liberalism is a cancer, which eats away at the ability to tell what’s evil from what’s righteous.

Even when liberals admit that somebody is evil, like that pair of pigs we wrote about last week…


El Shafee Elsheikh (left) and Alexanda Kotey

Man Up, May! Those ISIS ‘Beatle’ Beasts Deserve To Die! 

…they refuse to act on that knowledge.


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Liberalism is worse than that.

It’s a cancer that only democracy can cure!