USA Readers – Petition To Help Brett Kavanaugh!

Early start  today.

I have to go to the mall, shopping overdue, but first, as a public service, I am letting my American readers know about this petition from NOM.

When you sign our petition, NOM will send an email on your behalf to each of the six Democratic Senators we are targeting—Joe Manchin (WV), Heidi Heitkamp (ND), Joe Donnelly (IN), Doug Jones (AL), Claire McCaskill (MO), and Jon Tester (MT)—letting them know that you and countless other Americans want them to vote to support Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. We also will send a copy of the email to each of the Senators’ Chief of Staff.
Already, thousands of emails have been generated from NOM supporters but more work needs to be done to keep the pressure on these key Democratic Senators. It’s imperative that these Senators hear from us that we expect them to support the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh, a superbly qualified nominee to the US Supreme Court. Please act today to sign our petition.
Normally, a US Senator might not care much about what voters in other states feel about an issue, but in this case each of these Democratic Senators are worried about the impact their confirmation vote might have on their political futures. Each of these Senators is seeking reelection in states carried by Donald Trump so they are worried about alienating the Trump base and conservatives generally. And each are being inundated by leftist activists from across the country urging them to ignore the fact that President Trump was elected in their state in large part because of his promise to appoint Supreme Court Justices like Brett Kavanaugh, people with a proven record of upholding the constitution and refusing to legislate from the bench to impose their own personal viewpoints.
It’s critical that these key Democratic Senators hear from NOM’s members that we want them to put the interests of voters ahead of the narrow interests of special interest groups on the left and vote to confirm Judge Kavanaugh. Please sign our petition today so that these Senators and their Chiefs of Staff know of your support for Judge Kavanaugh.
Confirming Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court is essential to create a path forward to restoring marriage to our nation’s laws. Judge Kavanaugh has been on the federal bench for over a decade and has authored over 300 opinions during that time. He’s proven himself to be a solid conservative and constitutionalist, someone who interprets constitutional questions based on the text of the constitution itself and the intent of the framers at the time the provision was crafted. I am convinced that such a judge would never allow something like gay ‘marriage’ to stand because it is an illegitimate and anti-constitutional concept.
Please help us today by signing our petition.
Also, if you are able to make a financial gift, we’d be extremely grateful. We will use your contribution to help reach more Americans to involve them in the battle to confirm Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.
Thank you for your support!