Berkeley Antifa? Or Extras For ‘The Walking Dead?’

I’m a little bit bored, all those re-runs on TV, and although a few new series have begun, there’s still no news of The Walking Dead….



…the hugely popular zombie horror show.


How come British series like Coronation Street can offer us a new part of their continuing stories every week, while multimillion dollar companies in the USA take months off before they bring us up to date with the doings of their characters?

Yet there are straws in the wind, a zombiesque herd captured on camera on the Western shores of America.

Lo, behold!


Don’t you think so?

Some of them bear some slight likeness to human beings but judging from the photographs released by police in Berkeley, California, I’d say that, while these unpleasant creatures no doubt were there at the violent  melee caused by the Antifa Red Nazis…


  • ….they must have been on their way to a collective casting couch, eager to be extras in the next series of The Walking Dead.

  • With another Red Nazi attack likely today in Washington DC….

  • …I wonder if a similar herd will be corralled this afternoon.

  • =