As Top Tories Grovel – UK Muslim Woman Talks Sense

As Theresa May’s running-dogs, not least that liberal klutz Brandon Lewis…


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  • ooooooooooo

  • ….maintain their witch-hunt against Boris Johnson because of the latter’s entirely rational criticism of the offensive baghead phenomenon, launching ‘investigations….’

  • ….and planning indoctrination sessions for grass-roots party members who might dare find something amiss about certain aspects of an imported creed…



…suddenly we come across a stout declaration of good sense from a former Deputy Mayor of London, a Muslim lady!

Munira Mirza: Critiquing Islamist fundamentalist practice is not an ‘attack on Muslim women’

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Writing about Boris Johnson, she says….

‘…what he refused to do was pretend to be neutral about the burka itself. He didn’t use clever words to avoid expressing his views, as politicians often do. He said what he believed, and in doing so, expressed what many people – including crucially, many Muslim women – believe…’

This woman understands that free speech on religion is important.



A lot of aliens in the UK do not share that view, and they should be deported to some more congenial country, where they can hate to their hearts content.