Will Macron Join Communist Welcome For Illegal Aliens?

Just saw on France24, the President of Sete Port, declaring a welcome for the crimmigrant taxi-vessel Aquarius’ and its latest cargo of illegal aliens in his Mediterranean seaside city, subject to Macron’s seal of approval.

It’s also in other news media.


Jean-Claude Gayssot is a self-confessed Communist.



His disgraceful abuse of words like ‘honour’ and ‘respect’ are only to be expected from the sort of hypocrites guilty of long and sedulous service to a movement infamous for dishonour and disrespect for democracy.

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Red Gayssot

  • This red rat’s readiness to burden French tax-payers with even more primitive parasites, on top of all those thousands of crimmigrants…

  • =


    …whose snouts are already deep in the tax-trough, ought to be slapped down by the French Government.

    The same goes for the Corsican separatist who echoed the Communist ratbag’s disloyal declaration.


    Let’s wait and see what Le Muppet does.