Nothing to Do This Jakarta Sunday? Karnaval!

I am not in the habit of offering my Indonesian readers a fun day out with fanatical Islamists, but having seen this huge billboard at Slipi last week, it seemed churlish not to share with you the opportunity to savour the delights of a ‘Karnaval!’

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I was crossing the footbridge at the Halte Busway at Slipi Pertamburan, when I spotted the huge ad, so I paused my stately stride to study the smiling faces, several of whom I recognised, not least that of the ‘Grand Imam’ of the FPI, the ‘Islam Defender Front,’ Habib Rizieq, whom we have featured so many times in our writings…

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  •  Habib Rizieq, who famously suggested the Christian Governor Ahok be slain for unacceptably quoting some Koranic verse –.“We encourage the government to process the death penalty for Ahok as soon as possible,” said Rizieq. 
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…and there too, second from the left, was his longtime henchman, Sobri Lubis…



Sobri Lubis, infamous for his exhortation to a mob of rabid savages to ‘kill, kill, kill’ the peaceful Ahmadiyah minority. See him on the video!  

…another figure well-known to our readers.

Who could resist a chance to see these luminaries up close?

But it’s the ‘Karnaval’ that tickled my fancy.

Image result for carnival



Halfway down the list of attractions, you can see it…

‘Karnaval Laskar Pembela Islam.’

That’s the ‘Islam Defence FIGHTERS,’ who are presumably even more militant than the rest of the FPI…


….and we know how militant most of them are!



So if you have nowt better to do tomorrow, off you go and see what constitutes a ‘carnival’ for such people!

No need to be scared by their ‘militancy.’

fpi skulk in mosque

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