Bradford & Bingley Scandal – Brussels Collusion?

A lot of people suffered serious financial damage when the UK’s Bradford & Bingley Bank went down a few years back.

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Who were the guilty men who took B&B down?


There’s no doubt that some sort of foul play was involved and a doughty band of determined savers has been fighting a rather lonely battle for fair play ever since.

We don’t as a rule cover banking matters here, except insofar as they impinge on our main themes.

However today we are taking our first blog-look at the scandal, because the common enemy of all good people is now implicated…



…as the B & B headline declares.

Why in 2008 did the European Commission collude with the UK Government in the destruction of B&B

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Have a read!

It’s an intriguing story, not least because of the unsavoury intrigues involved.

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