Sexy Actress, Molesters, Lesbian Psycho-Babbler…Oh Yeah?

Much ado about Me-Too, and this Italian actress named Asia (NB, not an Asian actress named Italia!)


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Asia Argento


She has been a loud voice against sexploitation in her industry but has now been accused of paying hush money to a young man whom she allegedly molested in 2013, when he was a mere lad of 17. 

She was then 36, and even in her 40s, she is not a lady without looks. Far from it – lots of forty-something lassies are pretty neat! 

I can imagine the ferocity with which my long-ago 17-year-old self would have fought off the advances of a thirty-something attractive movie star.                                     

You’d have heard my shrieks of protest from millimetres away!

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But let’s leave her to refute as best she can the charges of hypocrisy being laid (‘laid’ maybe not the most apt word!) against her.

Look instead at a case we have covered before. 

I sometimes forget to follow up on stories I’ve written about and probably would have in this case….

Women Harass Men? Mais Non, Say ‘Intellectual’ Snobs! 

….except for an update in the Washington Examiner, which confirms a suspicion shared by many that lots of far-left ‘feminists’ are nauseating hypocrites.


‘Avital Ronell is an American philosopher who contributes to the fields of continental philosophy, literary studies, psychoanalysis, feminist philosophy, political …’ wikipedia


You may recall the ravishingly ugly lesbian psycho-babbler named Ronell, accused of sexual harassment of a young man.

I have met attractive lesbians, whose advances, had they made any, would not have upset me at all.



Before my time, these two honeys!


In fact I would have been pleased to have rekindled normal impulses in their dear little hearts.

But anybody looking at the accused harasser’s photograph would in this case at once understand how any healthy hetero guy would be distressed.


What we didn’t realise then was that her victim was actually a queer!

At the time, it seemed beyond belief that any normal young man would welcome romantic advances from the repulsive Ronell.

BUT – if the young man in question is in fact a known homo, it’s all the MORE improbable that he’d want to have The Thing making moves on him.

The author of the article in the Examiner writes very well and gives chapter and verse of the case, so I merely refer you to the link and let you judge for yourself.