Asia’s Next Top Model – Who’s Your Fave Filly?

Asia’s Next Top Model duly began last night!

While the contestants deserve careful scrutiny over more than just the first episode, a not unwelcome duty, my initial favourites have to be the delicious Thanh Vy, from Vietnam…


Image result for thanh vy vietnam

Nguyen Thanh Vy


….and the well-named Beauty, from Myanmar.


Related image

Thet Thet Thinn aka Beauty


The poor girls were required to pose with a variety of reptiles yesterday, which in turn had them wearing weird make-up and doing odd things to their hair.

They were additionally forced to adopt ferocious expressions, deemed suitable for their proximity to an iguana, a croc and a large, scary snake!

Understandable, but while admittedly it’s a matter of taste, my own preference is for sweet smiles.


Alas, that geezer Yu Tsai has still not been ordered to shave before the show.

If the guy wants to grow a beard, okay, no prob, but if not, for pity’s sake take a razor to that mess.