‘Mighty Mekon’ Hague’s Very Vague Grasp Of Democracy

I suppose I’m not the first to note the striking resemblance between William Hague and the villainous Mighty Mekon who featured in the British boys’ Eagle comic for years, and perhaps still does.


Gambar terkait


But regardless of his physical appearance, even Hague’s language has now begun to seem alien, or at least it confirms that British fair play is alien to his kind’s mindset.

He has just spewed out an absolutely incredible democratic disconnect from his Tory Party members, who, if one thinks about it, ARE the Tory Party.


The Tories should not repeat Labour’s mistake and let members impose a divisive leader on the party


One can only interpret his arrogant bleat in the Telegraph as a condescending affront to every rank-and-file member who pays subscriptions, and does the leafleting and the canvassing on which political campaigns depend for success in both parliamentary and local elections.

One could possibly have respected Hague just a little bit if he had phrased his stuck-up put-down message more honestly, something like this….

‘The Tory Elite Must Keep The Rabble Under And Preserve The Current Divisive Leadership’

Hague and the Westminster in-crowd appear to imagine that the party is their plaything.

They regard the people who stump up membership money and slog about in all weathers as an appendage tolerated for what practical assistance they render…


canvassing in all weathers


…but basically dumb animals, unfit to choose whom they wish to lead the party.

Again, those people ARE the party – the humblest shop-assistant or waitress who holds a party card is entirely entitled to as much of a say in party leadership and in party policy as peers like Lord Hague.

And even more, let’s not forget, MPs too should have no more of a vote in a are there to serve those people, who select them as candidates and can DEselect them, a right often disrespected…



…as when Theresa The Appeaser rushed to the rescue of her fellow-Remainer, Horrible Heidi, in South Cambridgeshire, an outrageous intrusion into local party democracy. Theresa May blocked move to deselect Tory rebel Heidi Allen

Hague’s outburst followed the plan announced by Leave EU to get thousands of patriots to join the Tory Party and help the surviving pockets of real conservatives retake control.

I think their proposal is well-intentioned but unworkable. It ignores the ability of the ruling class, May and Hague and the other elitists, to thwart democracy as May did for Ms Allen.



But the sheer contempt shown by Hague, who led the party to defeat when he was leader, for his fellow-members who don’t share his in-crowd status, deserves to be as widely publicised as possible, to show just how rotten to the core that in-crowd are.