Chemnitz – DW Exemplifies Media Left Bigotry!

I had the misfortune last night to tune into Voelkischer Beobachter – ooops, that was the Nazi propaganda megaphone. I mean, of course, Deutsche Welle, the state broadcaster that leeches shamelessly from German tax-payers but only reflects the views of Mama Stasi Merkel and parties even further mired in pinko multicultery.

Last night I was curious to see if Merkel was still reserving her fury for righteously angry Germans or if she was for once going to offer apologies for the rapine and violence inflicted on innocent people by the savages she imported.
No surprise, she didn’t.
I switched off and went to bed after DW’s star leftist hag Melissa Crane, masquerading as a ‘political commentator’ ( political commissar, the Soviets used to call them) even managed to blame Interior Minister Seehofer for his role in ‘normalising xenophobia’ – i.e. reflecting patriotic dismay at the presence of the primitive horde in his country.
Do these lowlifes expect anybody to regard them as serious journalists?

DW is sadly not unique.
We are always pleased to remind readers of that repulsive ratbag frau we often feature as an outstandingly slimy bias beast…


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If DW want to focus on REAL ‘Nazi’ threats, they should lay off patriotic Germans and get stuck into migrant nazi louts!”

But angry Germans, driven to distraction by alien hoodlumism and further provoked by their rotten chancellor’s indifference to their plight, are infinitely preferable as targets, if you happen to be a Lugenpresse louse.

I awoke today, switched on the tv, and of course it was still tuned to DW which marred my morning with a far-left Europhiliac bint named Annette Dittert‘s “documentary” on Poland,’where critics are called criminals.’
Were I a Pole, I’d have thrown up at the sickeningly one-sided hogwash, which you really need to see for yourselves to appreciate the unvarnished animosity the pinko shrew directs at Poland’s democratically elected government.

By this time, I was in the bathroom, not throwing up but shaving.
Alas, I emerged to see Brent ‘Bias’ Goff, rabbiting about ‘Hitler salutes’ even though in the filmed demos he showed us, very few such raised arms were to be seen, the much more common gesture of choice among the anti-crimmigrant crowds being a single finger extended upwards.

That may have been intended as an insult to the pro-crimmigrant rabble opposing them, or to the media, whom all decent Germans recognise as shiils for that rabble and for the crimmigrants.
Having for years smeared and sneered at the AfD patriot party, now the Lugenpresse hacks are shrilling for the patriots to be ‘monitored,’ for no reason other than that one AFD branch suggested that, having sown a wind of hate, the bigot media may risk reaping a whirlwind of popular wrath.
Gods knows the German state media can hardly complain if they are despised and detested by decent citizens.
Then the yapping Yank Guff turned to the topic of social media bias, as identifed by President Trump.
Inevitably, no supporter of the conservative case was allowed into Guff’s studio, only one guest, who dutifully trotted out the required DW line, how The Donald was wrong.
Yeah, right.
Or rather left.

  • Annelie 22:44 on August 30, 2018 Permalink | Reply

    The media in our country is our enemy.
    To resist Merkel is soon to be a crime.
    Why are Germans blamed for fighting back?


    • Jeanne 19:27 on August 31, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      It is the same in France, Annelie.
      The state tv is far left and not friendly for the French people, only for the illegal immigrants.
      Macron takes in more of them from Spain and still will not deport even violent illegals like those in Calais.
      Soon we too must need to take to the streets to get our country back.


  • Deirde 23:46 on August 30, 2018 Permalink | Reply

    Naturally I sympathise with the German protesters.
    But what has driven me to comment was the sight of that arrogant Arab prince sitting on his royal backside and telling all governments to condemn the protests.
    Not a word about condemning his fellow-arabs who are in jail accused of starting all the trouble in Chemnitz by murdering a German.
    I must assume he saw no need to worry about their victim since Merkel doesn’t either.
    Did I not read that the Jordanian had been fired? Why is he still talking like this when he should be back in Jordan doing something about ‘human rights’ there.
    I understand polygamy is still pracrised there, and that is a violation of rights unless women can also choose multiple husbands.
    How many other offensive shariah activities go on there?
    It’s an outrage anyone from an Arab country is allowed to lecture Europeans.


  • Gerd F 06:00 on August 31, 2018 Permalink | Reply

    It is good to hear a voice raised for us Germans.
    Thank you.



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