Daft Old Bats In Vienna!

More disgraceful left propaganda from Germany’s tax-funded DW broadcaster, sticking their pinko snouts into Austria’s internal politics.

Today I had barely finished typing up (on my new laptop, which I’m still getting used to, so pardon lay-out etc. errors!j the previous post on DW tripe, when they came up with a totally one-sided ‘report’ aka plug, for a bunch of rabid senescent shrills in Austria, who style themselves
‘Grandmamas Against The Right!’

Scenes of the daft old bats shimmying around a public open space in central Vienna, then a rant or two from said old bats, then a young bat saying how inspirational the pinko pensioners wer!
Exactly what percentage of retired Austrians voted for the FPO patriot party? I have no idea. But none of their voices were heard on DW, which confirms everything we know of the utterly unprincipled character of the German hacks who leech off the German tax-payers!