One Drink’ll Kill Ya? Sod Off, ‘Experts!’

Thank God for the know-all nitwits known as the health lobby.
Even on a lovely day like this, when the absence of the new washing-machine – meant to be delivered in the morning and here it’s 3pm and no sign of it – has kept me indoors, waiting patiently like a Titanic passenger waiting for a life-boat, the freako experts who have declared that one drink of any intoxicating beverage per day is a health risk too far – really! – had me chortling.

It makes me recall that ridiculous report a while back that cats give you brain cancer!
Cats may be spreading brain cancer to their owners, scientists warned last night. They have linked a parasite that breeds in cats’ stomachs with brain tumours in people.’

The dimwits behind that hogwash actually admitted it was mere scare-mongering.

…they can’t prove that our feline friends are to blame…

But since when does absence of proof get allowed to spoil a scare story?

My cat is now 18 years old, and has slowed down a lot recently, understandably, since one of her years is said to be eqivalent to seven of ours.
She is of an amiable disposition, as a rule, but I imagine she’d be as indignant at the “expert” slur against her kind as I am at the latest nutjob assertion that even one of the shots I sank last month – those free-flow nights are something else!- is likely to take me down.