Starbucks Sucks! Blatant Sectarian Discrimination!

Those of us who believe in freedom of religion, as I do, believe the principle applies to adherents of any religion, Protestant, Catholic, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist – whatever.
The principle must equally apply to people who have the guts to convert into, or out of, any creed whatsoever.

I don’t mean the sad individuals who change religion to kowtow to bigoted prospective in-laws.
I’m talking about those who actually THINK about this life and what it’s all about. And what comes after this life, if anything.
Some people even keep thinking and change back, or try another path to truth.

Good on them. if God gives you a brain, use it!



An honest apostate is to be admired, not abused.

Hence my disgust yesterday when I read about Starbucks, a company I have no time for, for various reasons, and not simply because I think their coffee is over-rated.
Their fanatical support for the redefinition of marriage was bad enough, but there was, too, their absurd appeasement in the famous case of two free-loaders who used a Starbucks branch as a place to hang out but did not wish to make a purchase, then played the weary race card when given the bum’s rush.

Starbucks crawled on its corporate belly, shut out honest customers for a whole day in every one of the 51 states, subjecting staff to imbecilic ‘anti-discrimination’ garbage.
Or as I noted in a previous post, should we maybe say ‘anti-police’ garbage?

“The training materials focused a lot on police brutality, which had nothing to do with the incident that happened…”

Starbucks‘ anti-bias training may serve up more harm than good

…and the Far-Left big boss wants to run for President of the USA?

Gambar terkait

Howard Schultz said at their annual meeting “If you support traditional marriage, we don’t want your business…” Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz just said… – Boycott Liberal Hollywood …



But now it’s reliably reported, with video to confirm the report, that in at least one Starbucks, a policy of vicious sectarian discrimination is in place, with inoffensive customers ejected because they were wearing – guess what?
T-shirts that said –
“I’m an Ex-Muslim, Ask Me Why?”

Here’s part of the report, but use that link to watch the pompous oaf ordering them out AND whining about being filmed.

The victims of Starbucks’religious inquisition were members of EXMNA, Ex-Muslims of North America, peaceful, law-abiding young apostates who had been‘handing out flyers and speaking with and interviewing attendees at the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA)’s annual conference.’
They were not in the coffee-shop to disturb other patrons,but simply to have a coffee.
‘Without warning, they were informed by staff that they must leave the establishment.

“I was surprised. I was simply drinking my iced coffee and scrolling through my phone, and they told me I needed to leave, so I asked why”, says Lina an ex-Muslim Syrian woman who had traveled to the conference on behalf of EXMNA.
“I was told that they are not allowing protestors at the property, I assured the woman that I was not a protestor. She then asked me if I was part of the event or a guest at the hotel. I was neither.
“I was then told that even though I was a paying customer, I was not allowed to be on the premise as it was reserved for guests and event members for the weekend and that they will not be allowing anyone else on their private property.
“However, I noticed the Starbucks was still open to the public and I didn’t see anyone else being asked to leave.”

That’s a damn disgrace.
Of course any vendor should have the right to refuse service to anyone whomsoever, but the issue here is not if they had the right, but why they chose to exercise it against these perfectly respectable and responsible young apostates.
Any cafe or resto or shop should be proud and pleased to serve youngsters mature enough to make adult decisions about the great questions that we all must from time to time ponder.