‘Gold-Plated Dope, Sour-Faced Tart?’ Vile Abuse Or Fair Comment?

Hilarious report in London’s left-liberal Evening Standard, about female Europhiliac Tory MPs ‘being targeted with vile abuse’ by Brit patriots ‘infiltrating’ May’s extremely unconservative party.

The examples of what the ever-so-sensitive hack who wrote the rot regards as ‘vile abuse’ include such frightful obscenities as the “mad bint”, “witch” and “mentally ill”

The hackette has plainly never attended a major soccer fixture.

Oh dear! The old adage about staying out of kitchens if you can’t stand the heat echoes somewhere in the windy gutters of Fleet Street.

But my fave terms of ‘vile abuse’ have to be those allegedly deployed against rabid Remainiac Anna Soubry.

Anna Sour-Puss Sourby…


Hasil gambar untuk anna soubry stand again broxtowe

Such a sweet little thing she is!
Soubry To Voters – Don’t Dare Try To Thwart My Betrayals! https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2017/12/19/soubry-to-voters-dont-dare-try-to-thwart-my-betrayals/


That ghastly grimnasty has apparently been denounced a “gold-plated dope”, “sour-faced”, and a “tart.”

Apart from ‘tart,‘ which often refers to a woman who does her best to look alluring ( who would level such a charge against Soubry?) those epithets are rather accurate, and certainly not ‘vile!”

She probably did’t take to well to some of my own headlines! For example –
Time For Sour-Puss Soubry To Be Expelled? https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2018/07/18/time-for-sour-puss-soubry-to-be-expelled/

The hack makes much of one ‘chilling’ Facebook post warning the shrill shrew –

“Anna, we are coming for you”.


Gambar terkait



But the ‘threat’ is much less ‘chilling’ when you read the Facebook comment in its entirety.
It’s very clear that the hag’s critic is talking about democratically targetting her, as you may see yourselves if you look at the tweet which is shown in the Evening Standard report..

A REAL ‘threat’ would be to do what one of Soubry’s ratbag MP comrades did when a law-abiding lady sent a polite letter complaining of her unpatriotic antics. Antoinette Sandbach,’Conservative’ MP for Eddisbury, who ‘reported a pro-Brexit constituent of hers to the police for sending an “abusive” email.’


Bully Sandbach

Yes, menaced by your MP, who calls the cops if you dare offer courteous and constitutional criticism.

Ms Soubry, who has been Parliament’s most vociferous supporter of Britain remaining in the EU, said the language being used against women should concern both Mr Lewis and Theresa May, as a “Tory woman Prime Minister”.

Oh, is that what May is? Not remotely ‘Tory’ -in the historical sense of the word. PM only in the sense she aspires to be a satrap of the Brussels Empire.
And a woman?
Yes, biologically, but given her commitment to ‘gender-bending’ who knows how long that may last?