Hungary Hauls Snouts Off The Trough, Pinko NGO Rants!

Genuine refugees, like those who fled from Communism during the Cold War, will usually elicit sympathy.  
Fakers, on the other hand, do not.
If aliens have been found not to be entitled to ‘asylum,’ then they are, ipso facto, fakers, like those described in the recent EUObs report, on  the sticky-beaks of HRW. 
That’s the so-called ‘Human Rights Watch,’ who have their pink knickers in a twist because the ‘Hungarian authorities have stopped food distribution’ to various fakers on their territory.
An excellent move, if it’s so. 
Any housewife will confirm that if you leave food lying around, it attracts vermin.
HRW suggest it’s a cunning ploy to ‘force them back to Serbia!’
And if the Serbs have any sense, and the lying scumbags show up in Serbia, then there too the authorities ought to do what their clever Hungarian neighbours are doing.

No handouts, no hospitality – it should be made clear that their presence is unwelcome and the best offer going is a free bus to the next border.

If every country displayed the same good sense, the wannabe welfare bums would find themselves back in Turkey.

Aaah, but HRW has issued a warning, that any government found to be turning off the tap, hauling the greedy snouts out the tax-trough, is breaching human rights laws, including its obligations as an EU member.


And the pinko sticky-beaks are probably correct.

Which just goes to show that the sooner the Fourth Reich shares the fate of other institutions that made the lives of their subjects wretched…


…the better.

And no cavilling, please, that the Strasbourg court is not formally a part of the EUSSR. It exemplifies the concept of supranational authority which defines the evil “European Project.”