Bolsonaro – A Fighter For Brazil, Now Fighting For His Life?

Attempted murder most foul in Brazil.

I was just about to post some laudatory words about the candidacy of the man abused as ‘far-right’ by the rotten media around the world.
Then I awoke this morning to the news that he was stabbed yesterday and is in critical condition.
Get well soon, sir.
And to give readers some back-ground on the kind of bitter animosities stirred up against the man, here’s what I had penned last month but had not yet published.

We don’t pay enough attention to Brazil on this blog.

I have written in support of the restoration of capital punishment there…Murderous Prison Riot – Brazil Needs To Get Real! …and we had a delightful post featuring yummy girls in a pulchritudinous posterior competition…


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But how about this story?

“The media does not like Bolsonaro.”

That’s what the head of the Institute for Social and Political Studies at at a Brazilian college tells us about the relationship between local hacks and the man who’s been called a Brazilian Trump, and that’s for sure.

But when the academic adds that the media’s dislike exists because ‘they do not think he is trustworthy…”