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    Idris Elba As James Bond?

    • Not sure if I have previously mentioned that I enjoy the British crime fiction series, Luther, in which Idris Elba, below, is the star.

      Related image

      I know next to nothing else about the actor, never even heard of him before that show, in which he plays a Detective  Chief Inspector.

      From his London police station, Luther goes forth against evil criminals, and doesn’t mind bending the rules if it brings villains to justice.

      And Luther has had to face some very nasty villains.

      But that’s for you to decide if you choose to watch. 

      What has me writing about Mr. Elba today is a strange article in spiked.com, about whether or not he should be the next James Bond.


      None of Sean Connery’s successors ever matched up to the first Bond, in my view.

      By that, I mean Connery did a good job, acting the role of an effective British spy who dealt out death to baddies and got to play with lovely ladies.


      Image result for james bond connery andress


      To my teen eyes,that seemed a very agreeable life-style, nor does it seem in any way disagreeable even all these decades later.

      Yet I yesterday read that there’s more to enjoying a good all-action spy movie than I, or, I think, most people, ever imagined.

      It seems we are required to suffer angst over totally irrelevant matters like – is the hero too posh, too patriotic, lack serious commitment to ‘diversity’ and is he, God Damn Him, white!

      Are there really people who go to the movies and fret about crap like that?



      I won’t quote from what the spiked.com writer says, merely use a quote he takes from one of the films, Golden Eye ( not a Connery film) to illustrate the way the whole debate on Bondery seems to be about almost anything, class, sex ( i.e. what pinkos describe as ‘gender’) race, colour…

      …EXCEPT acting ability.

      ‘I think you’re a sexist, misogynist dinosaur. A relic of the Cold War whose boyish charms, though wasted on me, obviously appealed to that young woman I sent out to evaluate you.’

      Are there people who think Idris Elba should be the next Bond because he’s black?

      Yes, but many of those seem only to be motivated by the ‘diversity’ aspect, which is no compliment to Mr. Elba.

      In my opinion, there’s no reason why he can’t be cast as Ian Fleming’s hero.

      So Bond was white, but big deal.

      If it were Lord Nelson, or Cromwell, or Neville Chamberlain who had to be played, no way, because they were real people, white people. 

      It’d be as daft to give a black actor the job of playing them as it would to cast white men as King Chaka’s warriors in a picture about the Zulu Wars.

      Bond is fiction.

      He can be remade in any way we like.

      Are there people who think Elba should NOT be the next Bond because he’s black? 

      Surely not many. 

      He is qualified to play James Bond because he has style.

      If he carried off the role as well as he does ‘Luther,’ he’d be great.


      M says to Bond in Golden Eye (1995),

    • Tom Malton 15:31 on September 7, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I enjoy Luther too.
      All this demanding of ‘diversity’ is a pain in the neck and is as insulting to coloured people and women as all these ‘affirmative action’ programmes that claim they can’t get ahead without giving them special unfair advantages.



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