High-Flying Swede Patriots Placed Last On Leftal’s Party List!

Talk about bias!

For sheer effrontery, the election report on the parties contesting the Swedish election which appears in this week’s issue of The Local, aka The Leftal, takes the cake!
According to most polls, the Socialists, now promising to tackle the migrant menace with steps they could easily have taken anytime in the past 20 years, are, amazingly, still just ahead of their nearest rivals.

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Those nearest rivals are the patriot party, the Sweden Democrats, who have a raft of sensible suggestions on offer.
Most people in Sweden, and any country would instantly vote for one in particular, viz.

‘Abolish free health and dental care for illegal immigrants.’

NO benefits at all, paid from your taxes…


…should accrue to law-breakers who have gate-crashed your country.

End of story?

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If their teeth are rotten, let ’em rot!
But it’s not the policies I noticed.
It’s the order of the the list of parties, as used by The Leftal.
The Socialists are at the top, then all the other parties, regardless of seats in parliament or voting strength as indicated in polls.
And GUESS WHO is relegated to the bottom?
Of course, the patriots, despite their strength hovering around 20% of Swedish voters in every survey of voting intentions…

…are way, way down at the bottom of the list!