Two Unpleasant Cows Corralled!

Just had a look at the BBC’s report on the incident in Barnsley.
While it does offer a quote from anti-terrorist police, it’s the usual diversionary reference to ‘mental health’ issues that guides us towards the likely truth of what happened!


For a reality check, we need to turn to the more reliable RT, which includes this quote from an eye-witness.
‘Users on social media said people were locked in shops, as a woman armed with a knife was “running around the town.” Others claimed that the woman had two male accomplices and was “shouting in Arabic,” holding a “large knife” and “trying to stab everyone near traders stalls.” ‘
One wonders what she might possibly have been shouting!

Sky News says it was ‘Kill, kill, kill!’ And that she was ‘wearing Muslim clothing.’
Latest reports from the BBC admit she was shouting but not what she was shouting. No mention of what she was wearing.


Why do Brits not refuse to pay that extortionate license fee for such a pathetic news service?

But I’m already regretting my headline today.
Cows are harmless creatures.
Far better to describe such miscreants as rabid bitches.
And if we are talking about barbaric bitches being detained by cops, how about the loathesome Linda Sarsour, arrested this week for disrupting the Supreme Court Kavanaugh hearing in Washington DC.
She’s another disgusting anti-social who does not seem to have grasped that the privilege of living in a democratic society entails some respect for the laws and constitution of one’s host nation.
True, she was born in Brooklyn, but is of alien parentage, dresses like an Arab and is known to have defended shariah law.

That fact was also noted in PJ Media, whence this delicious quote comes.
“Imam Mohammed Tawhidi, a reformist Muslim in Australia who once was a senior cleric in Iran, attacked the Women’s March leader … for violating Sharia law.

“Linda Sarsour violating Sharia Law once again by ‘purposely and intentionally’ putting herself in a situation ‘knowing’ that she will ‘definitely’ be touched by men other than her husband. (Police),” Tawhiti tweeted, with another video of Sarsour’s arrest…no virgin boys for her in Heaven!”…
And I bet all angelic young lads loitering in the gardens of paradise will be vastly relieved that they won’t be called upon to service the bigoted bat…

white ceramic figurine of angel illustration

….as if she’s ever likely to ascend rather than descend!