Buzz Off, Bocek! Euro-Czech Tells Spain To Import Savages,

When those filthy savages stormed onto Spanish territory, wounding many a defender…

Hasil gambar untuk ceuta migrants

…we suggested the obvious common-sense response

Today we read of an alternative approach.
Give the savages everything they demand, and be quick about it.

With the EUSSR still pretending to seek ways of ‘deterring’ illegal aliens from gate-crashing – – it’s interesting to see the true, subversive attitude of the “‘European Project’s “ elite as revealed in the Spanish press.

‘Council of Europe slams conditions for migrants in Spain’s exclave cities’

That’s the headline!
And here’s the plan!
‘Report from Special Representative Tomáš Boček calls for an end to express deportations at Ceuta and Melilla and “legal and safe access” to the peninsula…’

Poor Spain!

Although there have been encouraging noises from the ‘mainstream right’ ( which experience in other European countries has taught us to hear with a pinch of salt!) no patriot party there has so far gained serious momentum!

Yet that’s what’s needed to fight the arrogance of un-elected flunkeys like Tomáš Boček.
Who the hell is he, anyway?
I thought I’d check, and he’s a Czech!
And Brits please note, the ‘Council of Europe,’ under whose auspices his sticky-beaking goes on..

…is financed from YOUR taxes, as well as Spain’s, and the Czech Republic’s and another couple of dozen countries where most people, like most of you Brits, have no idea they’e paying for his arrogant intercessions on behalf of crimmigrant undesirables.

We have often enough praised the Czech Republic for its sensible attitude to the migrant menace.
…yet here’s one of their ‘notables’ pushing for Spaniards not only not to kick the savages back across the Moroccan frontier which they violated but – infinitely worse…

… to ship them at Spanish tax-payers’ expense from the Spanish enclaves on the North African coast to the Iberian Peninsula, where Bocek will expect them to be unconfined and free to join the other savages who have been molesting Spanish women and girls.”


Predators and Child Molestors
These callous EurocRats make me sick!
Their doting dedication to ensuring lawless primitives are given cushy quarters….



….and permitted to roam like beasts of prey, is in nauseating contrast with their shocking indifference to the safety of decent citizens in the nations under attack.

  • Petra Malley 11:20 on September 11, 2018 Permalink | Reply

    I had to make an early start today so I am just catching up on what you have had to say and this is interesting.
    Who does appoint these nosey parker people to highly paid positions, which we have to pay for.



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