May’s Anti-Christian Refugee Bias? Ponder And Protest!

…It’s that man again, the man everyone in Europe knows as the servant of a sworn enemy, one infamous for its hypocrisy and hostility to the West.


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 Ephialtes Enthroned – Another Enemy Running The UN! 

And why must we look at his ranting again?
Here’s why!

UK’s tiny number of Syrian Christian refugees sparks backlash against UN

This reminds us of how the repulsive Ephialtes….aka António Guterres, Secretary-General of the UN, responded to concerns about the desperate plight of Middle East Christians, murdered, raped and enslaved by satanic sectarian jihadists.

Guterres insisted that Syria’s Christians should not be resettled as they were part of the “DNA of the Middle East.” …

That’s presumably regardless of whether these folks want to be resettled or not?
The story also quotes somebody we have not always agreed with, but this time we do, when he blames the UK government for low acceptance numbers of Syria’s Christian refugees.

Ex Archbishop of Canterbury Lord George Carey alleges that “politically correct” officials were “institutionally biased” against Christian refugees…



Funny how Theresa the Appeaser encouraged the awful Amber Rudd to admit anyone at all, without any serious checks on their eligibility, but these Christians, genuinely in fear for their lives, are not being resettled in the UK at the same rate as Muslim refugees…