Rename Strasbourg ‘The Anti-European Parliament!’

So by a majority of 448 to 197, the Strasbourg Slugs hauled their dirty greedy snouts off the tax-trough…




…long enough to nuke Hungary, for the shocking offence of defending Europe.

These disgusting creeps should simply stop calling their institution the ‘European Parliament,’ and stop prattling about ‘European Values’ which are the ‘values’ of a liberal elite, not of the peoples of Europe.

Were that not so, they would not have felt it necessary to prevent their mock-democratic ‘European Citizens Initiative’ being used by citizens who might seek to challenge their rotten ideology.

Initiative’ –

EUSSR Ministers Desperate to Shut Out Citizens – A Tradition of Lies and Deceit 

Since the swine are more concerned about the ‘rights’ of illegal aliens than they are about the legitimate rights of decent people in Europe to keep the undesirables out, let’s rename it ….

Migrants protest as Hungarian riot police fires tear gas and water cannon at the border crossing with Serbia in Roszke

Migrant savages assail the Hungarian border


civilised man v savage

Today’s European Parliament decision was nothing but a petty revenge of pro-immigration politicians against Hungary,” That’s what the victim nation’s Foreign Minister said afterwards.


…yes, let’s rename it…

‘The Migrant Parliament!’



France24 celebrated by a fresh display of bias, inviting a shrill leftist to rail against Hungary, some bint named Anne Macey, who heads something tellingly called ‘Confrontation Europe!’


They also featured Juncker The Drunkard, unelected of course, ranting about the ‘far-right.

Yet what’s most significant is that the so-called ‘European Peoples Party,’ which risibly purports to be the ‘centre-right’ bloc at Strasbourg, and includes Hungary’s patriot party, split apart.

A rat-pack led by Merkel’s running-dog Manfred Weber swung over to join the motley mob of Greens, socialists, marxists and liberals who thus achieved the 2/3 majority they craved.

Big deal. Before any vindictive moves against the Magyars may be undertaken, unanimous agreement is required by the individual governments.




And the heroic Poles have vowed a veto.