Meddling When Other Nations Vote IS, After All, OK?


‘Angela Merkel backs ‘Macedonia’ renaming referendum’
‘German Chancellor Angela Merkel has visited Skopje to add her voice to calls that the Balkans nation rename itself as “North Macedonia.” ‘

The dispute over the name ‘Macedonia’ has been going on a long time and is frsught with difficulties. Since it will be decided soon, I won’t get into it now.
The important thing is that it will be decided by the people concerned, the Macedonians.
Were I to pontificate on the issue, that would be my right, as any blogger has the right, to express a view.
But Mama Stasi Merkel is a head of government.

Not the Macedonian Government…


….nor of the Greek Government.

In that capacity, she has NO right openly to meddle.
But she sees absolutely nothing amiss about interfering in other countries’ affairs, as we have seen before, in France.



It’s a habit she shares with a previous German leader!

In fairness it should be noted that other foreign governments too have made meddling comments, including the American State Department.

But for Merkel actually to fly into the country about to vote and deliver her fuhrerine decree stands out as the height of arrogance.