Left-Liberal Lily-Livered Intolerants Ban Bannon – And Marine!

‘Disinvited’ from a pinko creep festival is a torment from which Steve Bannon will probably quickly recover.
In fact, he’s showing no sign of hurt at all!


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..‘The reason for my acceptance was simple’, Bannon told the Associated Press: ‘I would be facing one of the most fearless journalists of his generation. In what I would call a defining moment, David Remnick showed he was gutless when confronted by the howling online mob.’



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I don’t think I know anyone who reads the New Yorker. That’s largely – entirely – because I don’t hang out with pseudo-intellectuals. I enjoy a beer and argy-bargy with lefties from time to time but they are, apart from the ideological infection they picked up somewhere along the way, normal people, not pretentious twats, hence no New Yorker subscriptions for them.

But it says a lot about the intellectual prowess, never mind the self-confidence, of Remnick and his ilk that…


… when the first flak came zapping in from the antifa online freak-show, he bottled out of a golden opportunity to refute the arguments that Bannon has to offer.
BTW, that’s another reason I read spiked.com.
The author of the item linked above is viscerally hostile to the beliefs that Bannon, and I, hold.
Yet he is no spineless stoat like the running dogs of the effete New Yorker clique.
He’s all for democratic debate.

As I have said oftimes enough, liberalism, with its vile intolerance, is a cancer.
Democracy is the cure.

I see one of the cry-babies who told the New Yorker that if Bannon were invited, Cry Baby would stay away, turns out to be of Canadian origin.


Jim Carrey is one of the most unfunny ‘comedians’ I’ve ever had the misfortune to watch – if a Bannon invitation were what’s required to keep Carrey away, that alone would be good reason ti invite the rightwing stalwart.


But before we leave this question of yellow-bellies, let’s not forget another example, a prat named Paddy Cosgrave…


…who u-turned faster than a weasel that meets a cobra half-way up a drain-pipe, after a herd of shrill-swine assailed an invitation issued to France’s patriot heroine, Marine Le Pen.




She ‘was listed on the Web Summit’s website as a speaker for its conference in November and the ‘Conference CEO Paddy Cosgrave initially defended giving Ms Le Pen a platform.’


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Then, in response to a cacaphony from leftist scumbags – aka  ‘an online backlash’ – he proved himself as much a low-life as the cacaphonists, and declared the ‘correct decision “is to rescind Marine Le Pen’s invitation.” 

What a mincing ninny!

I detest Red Nazi Antifa hoodlums, but on a scale of 10-1, I’d say hypocrites who quack loudly about listening to other points of view and then suddenly reverse gears, simply through fear of the Antifa animals, are infinitely worse than those they grovel to appease.

Lily-livered lice, that’s what Remnick and Cosgrave are!