No “People’s Vote” For Scots Parents! The Separatist ‘Brat-Charter!

Whatever next?
Abolish prisons?

“A consultation has already been undertaken into the Children (Equal Protection from Assault) (Scotland) Bill earlier this year and received more than 650 responses with almost 75 per cent of those in favour of the legislation.’


So about 400 Scots have endorsed this nonsense!


The separatist SNP shrew, Sturgeon, likes referenda when she thinks they may go her way…


Instead of a ‘consultation,’ which most Scots probably never noticed….
Why not a referendum?
And if cost is an issue, synchronise.
referndmlet peole vote

Hold a vote on the same day as the next elections for local councils, or for her provincial ‘parliament.’

Aaah, but the ‘ban has the backing of the Scottish Police Federation, Barnardo’s Scotland, the Church and Society Council of the Church of Scotland and the NSPCC.’

Big deal.


Presumably the church has already approved retrospective condemnation of Jesus for driving money-changers out of the temple by threatening them with corporal punishment?
Another unelected upstart, Scotland’s Children’s Commissioner Bruce Adamson, has jumped onto the bandwagon.
“We should never consider the assault of a child for the purposes of punishment to be justifiable,” he said.


Why the heck not?
“Scotland is one of the last countries in Europe to amend its law to protect children…”

Oh, well, if ‘Europe’ is okay with indisciplined brats going unpunished, that’s a clincher, yeah?



My thoughts strayed back to another news item last month, not from Scotland but from England, near enough, surely, to be relevant!

Image result for The footage was shot while the teenager and a woman, 52, were arrested on suspicion of assaulting a police officer

…the teenager and a woman, 52, were arrested on suspicion of assaulting a police officer on Peel Street in the town on Monday evening. In the video, two police officers can be seen restraining the girl and, when the policeman hits her in the face, a bang can be heard as girl’s head collides with a metal shutter….the officer’s actions have divided opinion on social media with many people calling for the police officer to be sacked while others praise him for managing to handle the difficult situation….

You really need to wonder why RT or any media would proceed to seek comment from an ‘Occupy’ slug on anything, esp. something which has nothing to do with the subversive oaf.

…George Barda from the Occupy London equality and social justice movement…said his first reaction was shock and dismay.

Never heard of him, nor of anyone who would describe ‘Occupy London’ trouble-makers as campaigning for ‘equality and social justice’ when in fact they are subversive leftists.

Never mind.

After all, the real issue here is why the anti-social little bitch was not slapped more often by her parents in years gone by.

Feral brats are not self-generating phenomena.

They exist today in vastly greater numbers than when I was that age simply because children rarely encounter proper discipline at home, good parents perhap intimidated by nutjob warnings…Ban smacking, children‘s tsar urges – BBC News…whilst at school those teachers who might be useful are denied the most effective means of deterrence, the cane in England and the tawse ( belt) in Scotland, thanks to degenerate ratbags on the European Court of Human Rights…



…and more specifically to the gutless John Major, who as PM at the time of the robed clowns’ ruling…

…ordered by John Major to toe the Government’s agreed line, the Education Secretary told MPs: “My own personal view is that corporal punishment can be a useful deterrent …


….bowed like a servile creep and coerced his Cabinet colleagues too into subservience to the foreign fools, even though he had openly expressed his own approval for corporal punishment in UK schools not long prior to his u-turn.
He and Theresa The Appeaser are two of a kind – recall her still unexplained U-turn after she said the UK ought to withdraw from the Strasbourg Clown Court’s jurisdiction!