Fighting Back In Chilliwack!

Great news from British Columbia, a Canadian province recently brought into disrepute by the removal by far-left city councillors in Victoria of a statue of Canada’s first prime minister.

Victoria, BC – Pinko Mayor Scorns Democracy! 

In a community not that far from Victoria, ‘four of the eight declared candidates for school trustee in Chilliwack have identified themselves as being against the Ministry of Education’s sexual orientation and gender identity anti-bullying resources, commonly called SOGI.’

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In a country so much under the gaystapo heel, this pro-decency rebellion is heartening indeed.
The report I’m reading tells us that the sicko SOGI ‘resource materials are designed to guide teachers in helping LGBTQ students and in dealing with bullying that targets a child’s gender identity.’

For pity’s sakes!

A child’s –  or anyone’s – sexual identity is instantly identifiable by a quick downward glance when the child is sitting in the bath-tub.
End of story.

If the child shows signs of maladjustment, e.g. a boy who has the bizarre notion that he’s female, then a strong talking too should suffice to get the lad back on balance. If the delusion persists, then psychiatric treatment is an urgent matter.

I’m not sure if Barry Neufeld, one of the school board candidates mentioned, would agree with me.

Or if he does agree with me, he would dare say so.


Canada is a country often subject to ‘politically correct’ intimidation and when we featured him in a previous post, last year, we had sadly to record that he had backed down from a perfectly reasonable comment, viz., that ‘allowing young children to “choose” their gender amounted to “child abuse.”


I provide the link…

Petition Against Child Abuse in British Columbia 

…but that simple truth provoked a hate-storm from all manner of loathesome sources, including British Columbia’s Education Minister  and Neufeld’s fellow school board members – they demanded that he resign!


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The censorial torrent last year emanated not only from those dorks but also via an unprecedented joint statement…on behalf of Fleming, the BCTF, the B.C. School Superintendents’ Association, the B.C. School Trustees’ Association, the B.C. Principals and Vice-Principals’ Association, the B.C. Association of School Business Officials, the Federation of Independent School Associations, and the B.C. Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils…


Gambar terkait

And back then, the Chilliwack Board of Education staged an ’emergency’ conclave, from which, typically, the public was excluded. They disowned the good guy – even though he’d made clear that he was not attacking them as individuals, but rather targetting that repellent Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) 123 curriculum.

Do these people not care if kids grow up into cross-dressing trans-freaks?


Instead of providing help for maladjusted little wretches by means of therapeutic counselling, the in-crowd in Chilliwack think it’s all about pandering to their childish delusions.

British Columbia used to be such a pleasant place, populated by civilised people.

No longer!

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