Amazon Are NOT On Our Side!

I only recently realised that Amazon were on the side of the Enemy Within, consorting with the evil hate-group SPLC.


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Facebook, Amazon, Google and Twitter all work with or consult the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) 

EXCLUSIVE: Facebook, Amazon, Google And Twitter All Work With …

But I have not had the time to ponder any action we can take against them.




Now, by pure chance, somebody sent me this petition, organised not by any part of The Resistance but for entirely separate reasons.

However, I take the view that any weapon should be wielded if it hurts those who are hostile to the cause.


Since Amazon launched in the UK two decades ago, half the high street bookshops in the country have closed down, a new report reveals. [1] 

Last year, Amazon posted record profits, yet they’re paying even less tax than the year before. [2] This report is the latest warning that our high street shops could continue to die off if the Chancellor, Philip Hammond, doesn’t level the playing field between our local shops and online giants like Amazon. [3]

An amazing quarter of a million of us have already signed a petition telling the Chancellor to make Amazon pay their fair share in tax. [4] Right now, he’s making plans for his next budget. [5] But you can bet highly paid lobbyists for online giants will be busy behind the scenes, fighting against a tax rise. We could tell him that the public want him to help protect our high streets and make companies like Amazon pay their fair share.

We don’t have long before he makes his final decision. George, will you add your name to the petition now?

It’s not right that a trillion-dollar company like Amazon can get away with paying less towards our public services than our local high street shops and businesses. [6] The Chancellor is considering a change, but we need to make sure he knows where the public stands. [7]

One of us alone couldn’t compete with the likes of Amazon, but hundreds of thousands of us are reading this email and together we’re powerful. We can leave the Chancellor in no doubt that he needs to make firms like Amazon pay their fair share. 

Already 250,000 of us have signed. Will you add your name and help make sure companies like Amazon pay their fair share of tax?