Seehofer – Running Scared? Or A New Himmler?

It’s only a few weeks till Bavaria’s state election, and Mama Stasi’s coalition chums, the CSU, are worried sick.

Hence the vicious outburst from Seehofer, her CSU interior Minister, who has recently tried to look like a true defender of Germans against the migrant menace.

Now he’s invented a new ‘menace,’ which can be defined as the parliamentary Opposition doing its job.


According to Seehofer, the Alternative for Germany, the patriot party are ‘turning against the state!’



Seehofer with Mama Stasi

”Seehofer said he is “shocked” by the party’s “emotional outbursts” during discussions about the national budget in parliament earlier this week….”

I’d have thought there were a lot more things to be ‘shocked’ about…

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…in the country misruled by Mama Stasi.

But it seems the AfD’s perfectly legitimate request for a ‘discussion of the budget of German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier’ was what had stricken Seehofer’s newly sensitive soul.

Steinmeier is a poisonous president, not content to be the figure-head the constitutional rules expect of him ( the chancellor is head of government, the president is head of state, akin to the relationship of prime minister and monarch in the UK, Canada or NZ or Oz)

His intrusions have not only been into domestic politics but also extended to meddling in America’s.




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What had drawn the AfD’s concern was that Steinmeier had ‘promoted’ an ‘anti-racism event’ in Chemnitz where ‘texts glorifying violence were sung…”.

But red rant-songs are no big deal for Seehofer. It’s the parliamentary opposition raising questions about the far-left fest that’s got him worked up.

”They’re turning against the state,” he vented!

And he went on to denounce the AFD as ‘dangerous!’


What next?

Every time the Opposition takes a stand and actually OPPOSES the regime, will such readiness to fulfil their responsibilities lead this authoritarian ass soon to demand a ban?

Don’t think I am hyperbolising.

Parties have beeen banned before, like the genuinely dangerous KPD – the Communists – and in neighbouring Holland, one of the largest parties was dissolved by leftist judges for daring to affront the ruling multicult ideology.

In Germany, this arrogant Interior Minister may well be contemplating the example to be found in another German regime…


merkel v poles

…which we have compared before, on other issues, to Merkel’s.

About eighty years ago, there was another interior minister in Berlin, who also thought that opposition in parliament, or anywhere, was a phenomenon that was ‘against the state’ and had to be dealt with.


Germany Himmler Letters

Heinrich Himmler

That other Interior Minister, Heinrich Himmler, was not notably averse to categorising non-violent, legal, parliamentary opposition to his boss’s agenda as ‘dangerous.’

That was usually a prelude to a jack-boot operation, which ended with the opposition in camps or prisons.

That would fit easily with Merkel’s record of collaboration with the red gestapo, the Stasi…


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…during her younger days in the dear old DDR.

Or am I being unduly alarmist?

Is Seehofer’s outlandish shrilling merely a desperate tactic to defame the party which he sees as a threat to his CSU’s long domination of Bavaria – where voters look like swinging behind the AfD and further destabilising the Coalition in Berlin?