Just What Britain Needs?More Cop-Stabbers?

Just what Britain needs!





How many British police officers have been stabbed by filthy savages?

After a Belgian cop was stabbed this week, by a ‘homeless’ savage in Brussels – “a Belgian national…of Egyptian origin..” various questions arise…


What kind of cretinous system allows a worthless alien to get Belgian nationality?

How many other worthless aliens have already been awarded Belgian nationality?

What benefits to Belgium were seen as accruing to Belgium by such awards?

What is the total sum of welfare benefits handed to such wasters?



WHY is Belgium allowing parasitic illegals to remain in the country when it is well known, as the Arab New report helpfully tells us, that the neighbourhood of the savage’s attack on the cop is ‘known as a gathering point for mainly North African immigrants hoping to head on to Britain…’


If any of that rabble were in any sense real ‘refugees,’ or were seriously interested in ‘asylum,’ they’d not be sitting on their idle backsides in Brussels, plotting the next stage in their country-shopping spree, no doubt their hopes buoyedup by  the news this month…

Fake ‘Child Refugees!’ May Lets ‘Em Stay!

out with them

…that Theresa May now readily disregards the findings of her own officials and allows those with NO right to ‘asylum’ to remain in the United Kingdom.

Round em up, kick ‘em out!


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