France – ‘Je Ne Regrete Rien?’ Mais Non!

It is still mildly astonishing, and not only to me, that a nasty little smarmite like Macron got to be President of France!


Ignoring all the other misdeeds he’s overseen, the war on Islamist terror would have been all but won by now, I’d say, if the excellent Marine Le Pen had entered the Elysee Palace…



…assuming – admittedly a large assumption  – she had a National Assembly majority to approve the needful reforms, like mass internment, mass deportations and, hopefully, restoration of the guillotine.




I like to listen to Edith Piaf’s spirited rendering of ‘Je Ne Regrete Rien’ from time to time.

It’s surely doubtful that many a French voter can say today that he or she, like Piaf, has ‘no regrets.’

And here’s an encouraging confirmation of that doubt.

French leader Emmanuel Macron’s party LREM is polling to win 21.5 percent of votes in next year’s EU election, compared to 21 percent by the far-right, the Rassemblement National (formerly called the National Front), …a previous poll in May put his party on 27 percent versus the far-right’s 17 percent…

Vive Marine!