Euro-Commissars Cook Up ‘Policies’ To Serve Partisan Electoral Agenda

I note EUObserver like some other media, continues to report the Euro-Commissars pretended interest in  ‘more border controls, detentions and returns for rejected asylum seekers….’

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….as if it represented any kind of serious commitment to removing the blight Merkel inflicted on her country as well as on the whole Coninent.



But in their recent report, the Europhiliac media outlet at least admits that the un-elected EurocRats are acting thus for purely partisan electioneering purposes.

As EUObs puts it,

…the ‘announcements made by European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker in Strasbourg are part of a larger bid to quell the surge of populism and right-wing politics that have used migration as a springboard to capture voter antipathy ahead of next year’s European parliament elections.’

These arrogant swine are not elected by anyone and their vastly inflated salaries ( and pensionS!) are paid to them on the basis that they administer their commission duties without either national or party political biases.

EUObs gives the game way.

They are engaged in ideology-driven campaigning on behalf of the parties that are pro-crimmigrant and Europhiliac, and against ‘populism and rightwing politics ’  – aka the patriot parties  – across Europe.


Each and every Commissar should be dismissed, and HONEST replacements found.