Bravo, Ilirska Bistrica! Democracy Against The Migrant Menace!

So who the heck is Ilirska Bistrica?

Not a who, but a where, a small municipality in Slovenia, hard by the Croatian border…

Slovenes Show Europe the Way  - Referendum in Defence of Decency!

…and its citizens are fed up to the back teeth with crimmigrants encroaching on their community, oozing in from across that frontier.

That’s why their city councillors ‘decided unanimously’ this month that Ilirska Bistrica would hold a local referendum to rally resistance against a government scheme to set up a ‘migrant registration centre.’

As the report tells us, ‘the municipality is against the Jelšane registration centre or any other facility for refugees or migrants on their territory.’



And the reason for local indignation is made clear by the next sentence viz.,

The councillors also urged the government to “boost security on the state border to protect locals and their property..”.

This is admirable news!

If only more municipalities, town, cities, counties, and of course countries all over Europe would demand and get the right to vote on the migrant menace…

referndmlet peole vote

=…referenda on the issue of the unwanted horde. But we know too well the contempt in which the elites hold common people.


Fuhrerin Merkel Sticks Nose into France, Jackboot into Greece


Few French folk will have forgotten Retch Hollande’s jack-boot response to a bravely defiant town called Allex…

In France Today, Democracy’s ‘A Threat To Public Order!’   

…where, as in that Slovenian border district this month, the people were facing crimmigrant depredations.

They too planned to put the issue to a democratic vote, but were denied that right.


For fear of public disorder!

Any excuse.

Let’s hope Slovenia’s government will not resort to the same shameful authoritarian tactics.