In BC, Scarfy Slag Attacks Patriot Lady!

Vancouver police confirmed that a report of a woman having liquid thrown on her Friday was made on Saturday and that an investigation is ongoing.

Some slag hiding under a headscarf was identified as the assailant…


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…and I hope the cops catch her.

Scumbints like that should not be polluting the public spaces of a civilised country like Canada.

She needs to be put away.

The slag’s victim, however, we do know about.

Her name is Laura Lynn Thompson and as we read on we learn that not only is she sound as a bell on the crimmigrant issue – she ‘had been engaged in sometimes heated arguments with other demonstrators over Canada’s refugee policies and vetting process, which she linked to Shen’s death….’


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,,,but she is also involved in the campaign against the ideological child abuse sponsored by British Columbia’s provincial government, the rancid SOGI indoctrination programme…

Fighting Back In Chilliwack! 

…which we wrote about a week or so ago.

She sounds like a fine gal, and all credit to her for showing up at the court where the ‘Syrian refugee’ accused of murdering young Marissa was due to appear.

We noted the case a few days ago.

Canada’s Good Immigrants Rally! 


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Laura Lynn made the effort “to support my immigrant friends in the Chinese community and mourn their loss with them.”

Now she’s is running for a seat on the Burnaby School Board.

I hope she wins.