Shake On It! Or Hit The Road!


A much-discussed proposal that would require new Danish citizenships to shake hands with their local mayor would also come with a tripling of the fee new Danes have to pay to receive their citizenship.

Mandatory handshake will make Danish citizenship three times as expensive

What a good idea, ‘forcing all citizenship applicants to participate in a ceremony in which they would have to shake hands with their mayor or another elected official!’

So what if becoming a Dane would be more expensive?

( from the current 1,200 kroner to 3,600 kroner )

The Danish People’s Party, who are pushing for this reform, are surely right to say…

“When you consider that you are receiving the gift of Danish citizenship, I actually don’t think it’s that expensive. I think it is a tremendously large and valuable gift,”( DPP’s Christian Langballe)

 Handshake should be compulsory for citizenship: Danish conservatives

Widely seen as a measure aimed at the sort of shariah sexist primitives we’ve reported previously…

Swiss School Panders To Sectarian Brats! 

…it looks set to be law, but may face obstruction from the Social Democrat legislators, though how far they will go in vetoing the handshake remains to be seen.

More seriously, a threat from various trouble-makers among mayors not to observe such a rule needs to be faced down.

But I”d say it’s hard to disagree with the splendid Immigration Minister, whom we’ve praised many a time…



“A handshake is how we greet each other in Denmark. It is the way we show respect for each other in this country. Therefore it is a completely natural part of such a ceremony.”

Inger Støjberg’s assertion is indisputable, and if some ingrate incomers won’t abandon their backward disinclinations and adapt to civilised ways, let them go home to where they’ll be at ease in a society based on sex discrimination.